What clients are saying....


Loss of Life Partner:

“When I first reached out to Lisa, my partner, who was the love of my life, had died only 2 months prior. I was in extreme emotional pain having lost him after a fairly short battle with cancer and dealing with his family during the short illness.  I then moved out of his house two days after his funeral and then had to move again within two weeks.  It was very difficult to even get through normal daily living and working.  I hurt so much.  I just wanted that overwhelming pain to stop.  The Grief Recovery Method®  (GRM) appealed to me because I wanted something to help take the pain away without simply following the old adage – only time will heal.  I think you need more than just time to deal with such a loss.  While working through the GRM, I found Lisa to be very compassionate and caring.  She shared her own experiences as examples to follow. She guided me through the action steps of the program, validated my feelings, and reassured me that things would get better. She gave me strategies to cope with the pain and new ways to look at some of the things that were hurtful to me surrounding my partner’s death.  After completing the 7 sessions, I am starting to feel lighter and more hopeful about my life. Although I am still very sad and miss my partner terribly, I am no longer feeling the extreme pain I did before I began the process. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants relief from the horrible pain of a devastating loss.” 

Loss of Adult Daughter:

"Working with Lisa using The Grief Recovery Method® was enormously helpful for me. After the sudden death of my adult daughter I was overpowered by grief, guilt, and hopelessness. Our relationship had been complicated and difficult. I knew instinctively that, contrary to the popular belief, time would not heal my grief. (I actually don't believe that time ever does that. People just get involved with other things which distract them from their grief.)

I needed to look closely at my grief, my guilt, my relationships, and my life. I had to examine painful aspects of my life with my daughter and tried to remember the positive ones. I talked about some things for the first time in my life, understood some things for the first time. I shed a lot of tears.

All of this was possible because of Lisa's guidance and compassionate and non-judgmental presence. As I struggled, Lisa gently encouraged me to go deeper and helped me by sharing her own experience with grief. In the final letter, I said goodbye to my daughter. By doing so, I let go of the pain and aggravation that had defined our relationship for many years. I said goodbye to those things and now I can embrace my daughter in her full beauty - just as she really is and had always been. Nothing can separate us now."

Loss of Beloved Grandmother:

I met Lisa about three months before losing my beloved grandmother and instantly felt a rapport. She's a kind, supportive person and a great listener too. I found The Grief Recovery Method® to be helpful as I processed through all the difficult emotions surrounding my loss and I highly recommend working with Lisa to shepherd you through the sadness and back into the light.  -- Deborah G., Grafton, MA

Loss of Adult Son to Accidental Overdose:

"Before I went through The Grief Recovery Method® , I had tried other grief support groups, and none of them helped me feel any better. In fact, in some cases I felt even worse. When I first talked to Lisa, it had been two years since I had lost my 25-year old son, Jamie, to an accidental overdose.

The pain of losing him was compounded by the fact that I felt a lot of guilt and anxiety as I thought about what I could have done differently to prevent his death. I had trouble sleeping and found it hard to socialize, as he was always on my mind. Everywhere I went it felt like the elephant in the room that nobody wanted to talk about. I began working a lot of extra hours so I wouldn’t have to think about it or feel the pain.

When Lisa suggested The Grief Recovery Method®, at first I was skeptical, not believing anything could make me feel better. Then I agreed to go through the process with a friend whose son had died in the same manner a year after my son.

Lisa was very caring and understanding as she guided us through the process. She listened and encouraged me to be gentle with myself as the difficult feelings came up as I worked through the assignments.  She was very intuitive in knowing what I was feeling and how to respond in a way that was compassionate and nonjudgmental.

It was very helpful to be able to separate the facts from the feelings, and to take the action steps leading to expressing the unresolved communications with my son. This helped me feel complete with our relationship. Although I still miss him terribly and feel sad that he isn’t here any longer, I feel we will always be connected by the love we shared. He will always be my baby.

The biggest benefit of going through the program is that my mind is more at peace and I’m not living with the constant anxiety I had been. 

If you have suffered a loss and it continues to consume your thoughts so that it is impacting the quality of your life, I would recommend you go through  The Grief Recovery Method® with Lisa. While the program itself is effective, she is gifted in the way she delivers it."

Loss of Mother:


I can highly recommend The Grief Recovery Method®. Lisa guided me through the sessions and helped me to process some unresolved "stuff' that I've been struggling with since my mom passed. I am still incredibly sad that my mom is gone (there no magic cure for that) but I feel like I have resolved some of the emotions that went unresolved when mom died. I can now remember the happy times and joy while still feeling the sadness. It is very healing!

Additional Losses other than Death

Difficult Relationship with Father:

I decided to go through The Grief Recovery Method® because I had lot of unresolved loss around the relationship with my father, who after a divorce when I was four became very unavailable. I also internalized his dark and painful beliefs about death and God. Before GRM I felt very trapped in these beliefs and had a lot of fear about loss itself and about death. Going through the program with Lisa helped me resolve old guilt, pain, and feelings of loss with my father. In addition, I now can separate my beliefs about death from his and I feel a greater freedom inside to choose what I want to believe about life after death. Lisa was a great guide though this process; insightful, supportive, and very skilled in the model.