Are you suffering from a broken heart?

Symptoms of Unresolved Grief

A little bit more about grief

A little bit more about grief


· Depression

· Lack of Energy

· Out of the Moment

· Low Grade Anger

· Isolation

· Overreactions

· Repeated Behaviors

Typical coping mechanisms:



Excessive Exercising





A little bit more about grief

A little bit more about grief

A little bit more about grief


  Grief is the normal and natural reaction to a loss of any kind.

In our culture, we learn that “It's not OK to not be OK.” By the time we’ve reached age 15, studies have shown that we have received at least 21,000 inputs that told us “Don’t feel bad” and “If you do feel bad, don’t show anyone else”. Grief is an emotional experience, so dealing with it from a logical, intellectual perspective or even a spiritual perspective, is not helpful.

What is most effective is taking a series of action steps to release the pain of grief so that happy memories remain and you can re-engage with life and feel joy again. 

Common Myths About Grief:

Time Heals All Wounds

Grieve Alone

Be Strong

Don't Feel Bad

Replace the Loss

Keep Busy

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